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1.    A mistake in an algorithm that cause incorrect results is called?
     a) Logical error    b) Syntax error
     c) Compiler error
     d) Machine error
     e) Procedural error
 2.    What is URL?
     a)    A computer software program
     b)    A type of programming object
     c)    The address of a document or page on the World Wide Web
     d)    An acronym for Unlimited Resources for learning
     e)    A piece of hardware
 3.    Which of the following would you find on LinkedIn?
     a) Games     b) Connections
     c) Chat     d) Applications
     e) None of these
 4.    Which of the following is the first step in seizing a window?
     a)    Point to the title bar
     b)    Pull down the view menu to display the toolbar
     c)    Point to any corner or border
     d)    Pull down the view menu and change to large icons
     e)    None of these
 5.    _____ is a technique that is used to send more than one call over a single line?
     a) Digital transmission
     b) Infrared transmission
     c) Digitizing     d) Streaming
     e) Multiplexing
 6.    Which of these is a point-and-draw device?
     a) Mouse     b) Scanner
     c) Printer    d) CD-ROM
     e) Key board
 7.    The letter and number of the intersecting column and row is the?
     a) Cell location    b) Cell position
     c) Cell address
     d) Cell coordinates
     e) Cell contents
 8.    Which of the following is not a means of personal communication on the internet?
     a) Chat    b) Instant messaging
     c) Instanotes    d) Electronic mail
     e) None of these
 9.    NIC is the acronym for?
     a) Network Integrated Card
     b) Network Intranet Card
     c) Network Interface Card
     d) No Internet Connection
     e) None of the above
 10.    In Power Point, the Header & Footer button can be found on the Insert tab in which group?
     a) Object group
     b) Illustrations group
     c) Text group    d) Tables group
     e) None of these
 11.    _____ is a set of computer programs used on a computer to help perform tasks?
     a) An instruction    b) Software
     c) Memory    d) A processor
     e) None of these
 12.    A string of eight 0s and 1s is called a?
     a) Megabyte    b) Byte
     c) Kilobyte    d) Giga byte
     e) Kilo bite
 13.    Which of the following is not a threat to security and privacy?
     a) Hackers    b) Spam
     c) Viruses    d) Identify theft
     e) None of these
 14.    A collection of programs that controls how the computer system runs and processes information is called?
     a) Operating system
     b) Computer    c) office
     d) Compiler     e) Interpreter
 15.    Who among the following is the father of super computer?
     a) Charles Babbage
     b) Billgates    c) Steve Jobs
     d) Jeff Stronstrup
     e) Seymour Cray
 16.    What do you understand by the term 'Booting'?
     a)    The process of starting the computer from the power-off position
     b)    Connecting the computer to the electric switch
     c)    Increasing the memory of the computer
     d)    The process of shut down the computer
     e)    None of these
 17.    Housing all hardware, software, Storage and processing in one site location is called?
     a) Time sharing
     b) A distributed system
     c) Centralized processing
     d) A host computer
     e) None of these
 18.    _____ process rearranges file fragments into contiguous files?
     a) Folder folding
     b) Defragmentation
     c) Unflagging    d) Disk scanning
     e) File filling
 19.    _____ means that the data contained in a database is accurate and reliable?
     a) Data redundancy
     b) Data integrity
     c) Data reliability
     d) Data consistency
     e) None of these
 20.    _____ is the process of carrying out commands?
     a) Fetching    b) Sorting
     c) Executing    d) Decoding
     e) None of these
 21.    In Windows environment Ctrl + Z is used to?
     a) Copy    b) Paste
     c) Cut    d) Undo
     e) None of these
 22.    PCB is the acronym for?
     a) Processing Cache Block
     b) Pixel Control Block
     c) Process Control Block
     d) Program Control Block
     e) None of these
 23.    A hybrid computer uses a _____ to convert digital signals from a computer into analog signals?
     a) Modem     b) Modulator
     c) Demodulator    d) Decoder
     e) None of these
 24.    Hyperlinks cannot be?
     a) Of special shapes like banners
     b) Pictures    c) Text
     d) Drawing objects like ovals
     e)    All of the above can be hyperlinks
 25.    Network components are connected in a linear sequence in _____ topology?
     a) Star    b) Ring
     c) Bus      d) Mesh    e) Mixed
 26.    A directory within the directory?
     a) Mini Directory
     b) Junior Directory
     c) Part Directory
     d) Sub Directory
     e) None of these
 27.    LED stands for?
     a) Laser Emitting Diode
     b) Light Emitting Diode
     c) Liquid Emitting Diode
     d) All        e) None of these
 28.    Which of the following is the mail client which works without internet?
     a) MS Access    b) MS outlook
     c) MS InfoPath    d) MS publisher
     e) Both (2) and (3)
 29.    WI-FI Stands for?
     a) Wireless facility
     b) Wireless network
     c) Wireless fidelity
     d) Features of wireless
     e) None of these
 30.    JVM converts source code in to _____ ?
     a) Source code    b) Object code
     c) Byte code    d) All
     e) None of these
 31.    A table is a collection of _____ ?
     a) Files    b) Worksheets
     c) Fields    d) Records
     e) None of these
 32.    User actions such as key strokes or mouse click are referred to as:
     a) Interrupts    b) Tasks
     c) Events    d) Processes
     e) None of these
 33.    What is the extension flash file format?
     a) .swf    b) .flm
     c) .mfh    d) .fls
     e) None of these
 34.    GSM stands for _____?
     a)    General Solutions of Multiple Access
     b)    Global system for mobile communication
     c)    Generation Subscriber Machine
     d)    Gopher Started for machine communication
     e)    None of these
 35.    Which of the following is not relate to MS-Excel?
     a) Formula    b) Function
     c) Table     d) Frame
     e) None of these
 36.    Which of the following is the Short cut to open New Slide _____ ?
     a) Ctrl + M    b) Ctrl + N
     c) Ctrl + O    d) Ctrl + F
     e) Ctrl + A
 37.    _____ is the security against viruses, which monitors both incoming and outgoing traffic?
     a) Encryption    b) Spanning
     c) Firewall    d) Worms
     e) None of these
 38.    'Web Page Spoofing' is sometimes referred to as:?
     a) Spyware    b) Antivirus
     c) Phishing    d) Browsing
     e) None of these
 39.    The 'Resolution power' of a printer indicates its _____ :
     a) Speed    b) Quality
     c) Model    d) All of these
     e) None of these
 40.    The technique that extends storage capacity of main memory beyond the actual size of the main memory is called?
     a) Multitasking
     b) multiprocessing
     c) Virtual storage
     d) Cache storage    e) Switching
 41.    Internet chatting is an example?
     a) Simplex Communication
     b) Duplex Communication
     c) Half Duplex
     d) All of the above
     e) None of these
 42.    What is the name of the logic circuit which can add two binary digits?
     a) Half Adder    b) Full Adder
     c) Parallel Adder
     d) Serial Adder    e) None of these
 43.    Which of the following best defines access time?
     a)    Interval during which a program is executed by the computer
     b)    Time taken for a computer device to transfer information
     c)    Time taken for a device to transfer information from its storage system to the memory
     d)    Duration for which a user is allowed to access the computer facilities
     e)    None of the above
 44.    Who among the following developed yahoo?
     a) Dennis Ritchie
     b) David File & Jerry Yang
     c) Steve Kaze    d) Robert Kahn
     e) Larry page & Sergy Brin
 45.    Wireless communication is an example of which of the following mode of transmission?
     a) Simplex    b) Half duplex
     c) Duplex    d) Both b and c
     e) None of the above
 46.    Which of the following is not associated with hard disk technology?
     a) SATA     b) IDE
     c) UDMA    d) ATA    e) WAP
 47.    Which of the following best defines Operating System?
     a)    An interface between hardware and software
     b)    An interface between hardware and application program
     c)    An interface between user and an application program
     d)    All of the above
     e)    None of the above
 48.    Which of the following is merely an output device and has no processing capabilities?
     a) Personal Computer
     b) Node    c) Dumb Terminal
     d) Server    
     e) None of the above
 49.    If the data is to be stored into a secondary storage medium it must be:
     a) Partitioned    b) Defragmented
     c) Formatted    d) Labeled
     e) None of the above
 50.    In MS Word, a redline under a word indicates
     a) Grammar mistake
     b) Spelling Mistake
     c) No Mistakes
     d) Virus Infection
     e) None of the above
     1. a    2. c    3. b    4. a    5. e
     6. a    7. c    8. c    9. c    10. c
     11. b    12. b    13. b    14. a    15. e
     16. a    17. c    18. b    19. b     20. c
     21. d    22. c    23. a    24. e    25. c
     26. d    27. b    28. b    29. c    30. c
     31. d    32. c    33. a    34. b    35. d
     36. a    37. c    38. c    39. b    40. c
     41. b    42. a    43. c    44. b    45. b
     46. e    47. d    48. c    49. c    50. b

Wednesday, 11 December 2013


1.    Which of the following is not shareware software?
     a) Cute Ftp     b) Get Right
     c) Win Zip    d) MSN Messenger
     e) None of these
 2.    The term "gigabyte" refers to?
     a) 1024 bytes    b) 1024 kilobytes
     c) 1024 megabytes
     d) 1024 gigabytes
     e) None of these
 3.    A program written in a high-level language is a?
     a) Objective program
     b) Source program
     c) Compiled Program
     d) All of the above
     e) None of these
 4.    Which of the following is represented by a cluster in a Hard disk?
     a) Total numbers of tracks
     b) Group of Tracks
     c) Group of Rows
     d) All of the above
     e) None of the above
 5.    Unix Operating system was developed by?
     a) Walter Baatain
     b) John Burdeen
     c) Ken Thompson
     d) All the above    e) None of these
 6.    Which of the following is a graphics solution for word processors?
     a) Clipart    b) Word art
     c) Drop cap    d) All the above
     e) None of these
 7.    A program for viewing web pages is called?
     a) Hardware    b) Software
     c) Storage    d) Browser
     e) None of These
 8.    What does SNMP Stands for?
     a)    Simple Network Mail Protocol
     b)    Single Network Mail Protocol
     c)    Single Network Message Protocol
     d)    Simple Network Message Protocol
     e)    None of these
 9.    What is Firmware?
     a) A program Started in RAM
     b) A Program started in a file
     c)    A program started in Boot sector
     d) A program Started in ROM
     e) None of these
 10.    To insert a new slide in the current presentation, we can choose?
     a) Ctrl+M    b) Ctrl+N
     c) Ctrl+O    d) Ctrl+F
     e) None of these
 11.    An Internet connection requires which of the following?
     a) a personal computer
     b) a modem
     c) a dial-up telephone line
     d) a software to operate
     e) All the above
 12.    ICMP stands for?
     a)    Intranet Control Message Protocol
     b)    Internet Control Message Protocol
     c)    Information Control Message Protocol
     d)    Internet communication message protocol
     e)    None of these
 13.    Which of the following device interconnects two or more networks, enabling data transfer to be made between them?
     a) Plotter    b) Joystick
     c) Gateway    d) Path
     e) None of these
 14.    Which common technique attempts to save time and energy by reducing redundant work in object-oriented programming?
     a)    Reducing lines of programming
     b)    Reuse of code
     c)    Reduce size of systems being developed
     d)    Merging different systems together
     e)    None of these
 15.    Dot matrix and band printers are _____ printers?
     a) Ink jet    b) Impact
     c) laser    d) thermal
     e) None of these
 16.    The topology with highest reliability is?
     a) Bus    b) Ring
     c) Tree    d) Mesh
     e) Star
 17.    Verification of a login name and password is knows as?
     a) Configuration
     b) Accessibility
     c) Authentication
     d) Logging in    e) None of these
 18.    The 16-bit microprocessor means that it has?
     a) 16 address lines
     b) 16 Buses    c) 16 data lines
     d) 16 routers    e) None of these
 19.    Which of the following is NOT a goal of Transaction Processing System?
     a)    Capture, process and store transactions
     b)    Produce a variety of documents related to routine business activities
     c)    Reduce manual effort associated with processing
     d)    Produce standard reports used for management decision making
     e)    None of these
 20.    Which of the following is a program that works like a calculator for keeping track of money and making budgets?
     a) Calculator    b) Spreadsheet
     c) Budgeter    d) Financier
     e) None of these
 21.    The process by which a computer receives information from a server on the internet is known as?
     a) Pulling    b) Pushing
     c) Downloading    d) transferring
     e) None of these
 22.    Which of the following is NOT a common feature of software application?
     a) Menu    b) Windows
     c) Help    d) Search
     e) None of the above
 23.    Selecting landscape changes our page from?
     a) a wide to tall orientation
     b) a tall to wide orientation
     c)    a normal font size to a condensed one
     d)    a condensed font size to a normal one
     e) None of the above
 24.    Unsolicited commercial E-mails is commonly Known as?
     a) Junk    b) Hypertext
     c) Spam    d) Hoaxes
     e) All of the above
 25.    When a computer is attacked by a virus it cannot lead to ?
     a) Disk Crash
     b) Motherboard Crash
     c) Corruption of a program
     d) Deletion of files
     e) None of these
 26.    Which of the following is another name for a preprogrammed formula in Excel?
     a) Range    b) Graph
     c) Function    d) Cell
     e) None of these
 27.    The name for the way that computers manipulate data into information is called?
     a) programming    b) processing
     c) storing    d) organizing
     e) None of these
 28.    In the binary language each letter of the alphabet, each number and each special character is made up of a unique combination of?
     a) eight bytes    b) eight kilobytes
     c) eight characters
     d) eight bits    e) None of these
 29.    The components that process data are located in the?
     a) Input devices
     b) output devices
     c) System unit
     d) Storage component
     e) None of these
 30.    The keyboard shortcut to centralize the selected text in word is?
     a) Ctrl+F    b) Alt+C
     c) Ctrl+C    d) Ctrl+E
     e)    there is no short key for this operation
 31.    A touchpad responds to?
     a) Light    b) Pressure
     c) Clicking
     d)    The sense of from fingertips
     e) None of these
 32.    Which command is used to sea-rch all the text files in any drive?
     a) file.txt    b) .txt
     c) .jpg    d) file1.txt
     e) None of these
 33.    In a ring topology, the computer in possession of the _____ can transmit data?
     a) packet    b) data
     c) access method
     d) token    e) None of these
 34.    A database management system (DBMS) is a?
     a)    Hardware system used to create, maintain and provide controlled access to a database
     b)    Hardware system used to create, maintain and provide un-controlled access to a database
     c)    Software system used to create, maintain and provide un-controlled access to a database
     d)    Software system used to create, maintain and provide controlled access to a database
     e)    None of these
 35.    Bandwidth refers to?
     a)    the cost of the cable required to implemented a WAN
     b)    the cost of the cable required to implemented a LAN
     c)    the amount of information a peer-to-peer network can store
     d)    the amount of information can transfer in a communication medium in a given time
     e)    None of these
 36.    Which term identifies a specific computer on the web and the main page of the entire site?
     a) URL    b) Web site address
     c) Hyperlink    d) Domain name
     e) None of these
 37.    Software, such as viruses, worms and Trojan horses, that has a malicious intent, is known as?
     a) spyware    b) Hardware
     c) spam    d) Malware
     e) None of these
 38.    Human beings are referred to as Homo Sapiens. Which of the following is referred to as Silico Sapiens?
     a) Monitor    b) Hardware
     c) Robot    d) Computer
     e) All the above
 39.    Which of the following is not a form of Biometrics?
     a) fingerprint    b) password
     c) retina scan    d) breath scan
     e) None of these
 40.    What type of computer could be found in a digital watch?
     a) Mainframe computer
     b) Supercomputer
     c) Embedded computer
     d) Notebook computer
     e) None of these
 41.    Virtual memory is?
     a)    memory on the hard disk that the CPU uses as extended RAM
     b)    Only necessary if you do not have any RAM in your computer
     c)    a backup device for floppy disks
     d)    Both 1 and 3
     e)    None of these
 42.    Servers are those computers which provide resources to other computers connected by?
     a) Network    
b) Main frame
     c) Super computer
     d) Client    
e) None of these
     1) d        2) c       3) b     4) b      5) c        6) a    7) d        8) d      9) d      10) a
     11) e    12) b    13) c    14) b    15) b      16) d    17) c    18) c    19) d     20) b
     21) c    22) b    23) b     24) c    25) b      26) c    27) b    28) d    29) c    30) d
     31) b    32) b    33) d    34) d    35) d       36) a    37) d    38) d    39) d    40) c
     41) a    42) a